KXII Interview

Our students were able to get their smiley faces on TV. Thank you to KXII for doing a short story for our kids.

DISD Board Meeting

After qualifying for the state competiton at district, our Robotics team was invited to showcase our robot and achievements at the school district's board meeting. During the meeting, various team members presented themselves to the board and explained the challenges and achievements of the season. Key portions of the robotic course were brought and set up at the meeting in order to demonstrate the robot. Our demonstration showcased the capabilities of this year's robot. Along with the demonstration, our team explained the changes that will be made to better perform at the state level. The awards we won at district were also presented to the board, along with an explanation of the game and how we qualified for state.

CoCo Best

The Collin County (Coco) Best competition is our district meet where we get a chance to qualify for state. While there, our team sets up a booth, attends marketing presentations, and prepares for the head-to-head competition. While numerous team members collectively participate in Notebook judging, our drivers compete in the rounds leading up to the semi-finals and finals, along with the support of those cheering in the stands. The marketing team presented Denison Engineering as a company and took on the role of attempting to market our robot. Following the presentation, the booth was showcased to the judges. During these Notebook events, our drivers consistently lead the competiton. They advanced to semi-finals and had the chance to compete in the final round. As the district competition came to a close, it was announced that Denison qualifed for state.

    1st Place Notebook
    4th Place Head-to-Head
    Top Gun Award
    BEST Founders Award