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    Welcome to Denon High School Engineering.
    Teaching students Engineering since 2008.
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Who We Are

Denison HS Engineering is composed of not only our robotics team, but also our IT Class, Welding and Manufacturing, Ag Mechanics, web developers, and more.

Each year we compete in the Texas B.E.S.T. Robotics competition to showcase our knowledge and abilities as engineers. For the past 4 consecutive years we have competed at the state level, getting closer each year to becoming champions. This also are First year competing in the First Robotics competition, with placing 15th out of 56th in the regional competition and we are looking to do even better next season.

    Top 10 finish 2015 Robotics
    2nd Place 2015 Congressional App Challenge
    4x State Robotic Qualifiers
    Est. 2002

Previous Robots

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2013 Book Robot

This robot was built by the students of Mr.Greens class, this robot was designed to take boooks, and put them on selfs. This Robot can turn 360 degrees, and has a extendable arm to reach in high places

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2014 Levgered

This Robot was built by students and directed by Mr.Green, this robot had to lift Plastic Wind Mill Propellers. This robot was controled by a driver would move around the course. This robot could also lift the propeller to get through obstacle's.

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2015 - Greedy Miner

This robot was built by the students and directed by Mr.Green and Mr.Barnett, this robot had to pipes, dump coal and pick up golf balls. This robot had a arm that would strech out, and also had a dump lift

Meet Our Team

Although we have a tremendous amount of support from our community, and many engineering students; a select few are qualified to be apart of our Robotics Team. This is a look at our 2016 Robotics leaders.

Laura Martinez
Jonathan Brandt
Lexi Mulkey
Clayton Bowles
Project Manager